Couchbase Lite
Objective-C API for iOS and Mac OS
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Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
 CCBLAttachmentA binary attachment to a document revision
 CCBLAuthenticatorFactory methods for creating authenticator objects, for use with the .authenticator property of a CBLReplication
 C<CBLAuthenticator>The CBLAuthenticator protocol defines objects that can authenticate a user to a remote database server
 CCBLDatabaseA CouchbaseLite database
 CCBLDatabase(CBLModel)CBLDatabase methods for use with CBLModel
 CCBLDocumentA CouchbaseLite document (as opposed to any specific revision of it.)
 C<CBLDocumentModel>Protocol that CBLDocument model objects must implement
 C<CBLFilterCompiler>An external object that knows how to convert source code into an executable filter
 CCBLFullTextQueryRowA result row from a full-text query
 CCBLGeoPointA 2D geometric point
 CCBLGeoQueryRowA result row from a CouchbaseLite geo-query
 CCBLGeoRectA 2D geometric rectangle
 CCBLJSONUseful extensions for JSON serialization/parsing
 C<CBLJSONEncoding>Protocol for classes whose instances can encode themselves as JSON
 CCBLLazyArrayOfJSONWrapper for an NSArray of JSON data, that avoids having to parse the data if it's not used
 CCBLLiveQueryA CBLQuery subclass that automatically refreshes the result rows every time the database changes
 CCBLManagerTop-level CouchbaseLite object; manages a collection of databases as a CouchDB server does
 CCBLManagerOptionsOption flags for CBLManager initialization
 CCBLModelGeneric model class for CouchbaseLite documents
 CCBLModelArrayAn array of CBLModel objects, that's actually backed by document IDs
 CCBLModelFactoryA configurable mapping from CBLDocument to CBLModel
 CCBLQueryRepresents a query of a CouchbaseLite 'view', or of a view-like resource like _all_documents
 CCBLQuery(FullTextSearch)CBLQuery interface for full-text searches
 CCBLQuery(Geo)CBLQuery interface for geo-queries
 CCBLQueryBuilderA higher-level interface to views and queries that feels more like a traditional query language or like Core Data's NSFetchRequest
 CCBLQueryEnumeratorEnumerator on a CBLQuery's result rows
 CCBLQueryRowA result row from a CouchbaseLite view query
 CCBLReplicationA 'push' or 'pull' replication between a local and a remote database
 CCBLRevisionA revision of a CBLDocument
 CCBLSavedRevisionAn existing revision of a CBLDocument
 C<CBLUITableDelegate>Additional methods for the table view's delegate, that will be invoked by the CBLUITableSource
 CCBLUITableSourceA UITableView data source driven by a CBLLiveQuery
 CCBLUnsavedRevisionAn unsaved new revision
 C<CBLValidationContext>Context passed into a CBLValidationBlock
 CCBLViewA "view" in a CouchbaseLite database – essentially a persistent index managed by map/reduce
 C<CBLViewCompiler>An external object that knows how to map source code of some sort into executable functions